Auf Wiedersehen sun – snow clouds are approaching

After the incredibly dry and sunny period that has existed across the Alps for the last month the snow clouds are developing and set to arrive possibly mid-week but certainly at the end of the week across western Austria. France is also scheduled to get snow, the first real snow there for many of the ski areas. Temperatures haven’t been as cold as seasonally expected but they haven’t been that far off in many areas – the issue has been the dryness and persistence of the weather system that has sat over the Alps. A number of big name ski holiday resorts have had to delay their openings including huge names such as Davos-Klosters due to a complete lack of snow. Hopefully with a bed of man-made snow and the natural stuff arriving later on the week we can start to see a good number of resort opening for the winter in addition to the glacier skiing areas – who have probably have had one of the best autumns in a long time!

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