Corporate ski trips to Austria and Switzerland

With the winter kicking into gear in both Austria and Switzerland, with new snow and the glacier car parks full to bursting point – the 2 destinations are offering very similar quality but different cost implications for corporate ski trips this coming winter. Switzerland with resorts such as Zermatt still offer incredible options for corporate ski trips. The scenery, setting of the Zermatt, the skiing on offer as well as the quality of the place make it a truly standout corporate ski destination with few rivals anywhere in the world. Airport access to the Swiss ski holiday resorts is excellent with Geneva, Bern and Zurich offering access to the destinations south of them. One area that will be of concern to corporate ski trip planners is the strength of the Swiss Franc. Whilst it has slipped back slightly recently it is still painfully high for visitors – especially when considering that not only the cost of the trip will be affected but also everything on the ground during the trip – bar bills could go from steep to eye watering this winter in Swiss resorts. Yet Switzerland still offers quality and it is rare that price isn’t at least partly reflected in value or worth (something that can very much be absent in 1850 and similar resorts). And for those used to the Swiss way of skiing then the adverse currency fluctuations are unlikely to act as too much of a deterrent – painful maybe but not a barrier. Here you can see a full range of corporate ski trips in both Austria and Switzerland. For Austria then the conditions last winter as well as tightened belts should have a positive impact. Austria had an OK to poor winter for snow last winter but at times when we were moving between France and Austria – when Austria was looking a 4/10, France was hovering around 2/10. Maybe the myth that France is more high altitude and snow-sure compared to Austria is now being put to bed finally. Austria gets more snow and has as many high altitude lifts and resorts as France or Switzerland. Where Austria is increasingly benefiting from the current economic climate is the discovery that Austria offers possibly the best mix of quality and value in the Alps. No matter what the budget a corporate group has for a ski trip, we as a company have led enough corporate trips over recent winters to hear time and again client’s objection to paying French mountain and resort prices. That is sure to hurt the French corporate ski product which has a great deal going for it admittedly, but it is only good news for the Austrian market – where value for money and quality and pretty universal.

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