Mid-June and still 14km of skiing open at the Stubai Glacier

Mid-June and before the protective blankets are dragged across the Stubai Glacier, south of Innsbruck, the ski area is still offering 14km of skiing in mid-June before the summer season starts and the skiers and snowboarders are replaced by hikers and mountaineers. The autumn ski season will begin anywhere from mid-September and for the months of October and November the Stubai Glacier will offer ski conditions anywhere from good to great. You find a lot of people taking later season holidays around Easter time but far fewer getting on the snow before the main season begins. Sun is one thing there is less of in autumn compared to winter but for those looking for the best snow conditions then Autumn trumps Spring for me with frequent powder days from mid-September onwards. See a snow report from June on the Stubai Glacier:

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