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Terms and conditions

This website and the information contained on its pages is provided to the user by Jagged Horizons Ltd. The use of the site is conditional on the user accepting in their entirety and without modification, the terms and conditions contained herein. By using this website, the user indicates their agreement to all terms and conditions, and associated guidelines. Failure to accept the terms and conditions contained herein results in the user being unauthorised to access this site.

Commercial and personal limits
The content of the site, the presentation of the information and the programming of the website are the property of Jagged Horizons Ltd (and partners) and as such are protected against copying, distribution, modification, sale or reproduction whether for commercial or non-commercial gain, without the written agreement of Jagged Horizons Ltd. It is prohibited to knowingly make any excessive demands on the Jagged Horizons Ltd website structure.

Accuracy of information
The information contained within the pages of the website is as far as possible an honest representation of the tourism products detailed, including but without limitation accommodation, destinations, weather conditions (current and predicted) transport connections and snow-sports terrain and safety. Information includes text and images but can include other information. Information whether original content or that provided by a supplier working with Jagged Horizons Ltd, may be amended or deleted at any time. Any reported failure in the accuracy of this information will be examined and where appropriate amended or removed from the site. Jagged Horizons Ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within the site. It is incumbent on the user accessing the site to check locally the state and conditions of the tourism products that are outlined on the pages of this website and specifically take advice regarding safety.

Intellectual property
The pages within this website contain numerous examples of copyrighted and trade marked content. The content within the website may be subject to additional copyrights and restrictions that suppliers to Jagged Horizons Ltd operate. The entire site is protected under law and any infringement will result in legal action being taken against the offender. Content is available for personal use so long as it does not infringe on copyright and trade mark ownership, however the use of the content of the site for distribution, sale or manipulation, whether for commercial or non-commercial gain, without the written approval of Jagged Horizons Ltd is strictly prohibited.

Online bookings
Online bookings refer to transactions and contract formulations that take place between the site user and the supplier of a tourism product. Jagged Horizons Ltd is not a supplier of services associated with a snow-sports holiday that includes but is not limited to tourism accommodation, transport, rentals or insurance. Jagged Horizons Ltd hosts these tourism products on the site in what is known as ‘affiliate partnership’. Whilst Jagged Horizons Ltd hosts the channel through which these products are bookable, it has no control or responsibility for these sales channels. Jagged Horizons Ltd expressly indicates that all transactions through these sales channels represent a contract between the provider of the sales channel and the site user who conducts the online transaction or contract. Issues related to, but not limited to technological failure, price, service provision and contractual obligations are solely issues between the site user and the provider of the tourism product or service and are explicitly governed by the terms and conditions that are operated by the provider of the sales channel that appears on this site. Jagged Horizons Ltd. expressly advises as a minimum that consumers using these sales channels ensure that the dates, prices, location and standard of the tourism products that they intend to purchase meet their expectations and requirements; Jagged Horizons Ltd. is unable to resolve contractual disputes between the end consumer and the tourism product supplier in the event of dispute between the parties

Prize draw rules and conditions of entry
1) In addition to the following terms and conditions relating to the prize draw, the user should also be aware of the terms and conditions governing the submission and use of review content, listed under the sub-heading ‘Reviews, ratings and user opinions’.
2) Entry to the prize draw is based on a published resort review featured on www.ineedsnow.com. Jagged Horizons Ltd reserves the right to reject any entry on the grounds of illegality, the subject matter being offensive or contrary to standards of taste and decency, or on any other ground that it considers appropriate. The decision of the Jagged Horizons Ltd to accept or reject an entry is final and no correspondence will be entered into. There is no limit on the amount of entries that an individual can make. One published review counts as one entry to the prize draw. No purchase is necessary.
3) The prizes (in order of randomised selection) are a 7 night stay in the Hotel Mondschein, half board for 2 adults, to be taken in March 2008 (dates solely at the approval of the hotel management), transfers from Zurich, Innsbruck or Friedrichshafen airport to the accommodation and back and one heli ski or scenic flight for 2 (subject to the appropriate flying and snow conditions prevailing and in the case of the heli-skiing, satisfaction of the necessary snow-sports skills to undertake the heli-skiing trip by the certified ski guide.) The second prize is a set of Fischer Progressor 7 skis and bindings. Third prizes are 4x2 day adult ski passes for the Ischgl ski area (4 winners will each receive one 2 day lift pass). The fourth prize is a collection of ‘Tirol’ branded sports goods. Any other unspecified costs associated with the prizes and not listed here are solely the responsibility of the winners. Jagged Horizons Ltd. accepts no responsibility for any costs associated with the prizes, including, but not limited to meals (other than those specified), personal expenses, insurance, lift passes and ski hire.
4) The draw for the 7 days in Stuben / heli-skiing prize takes place on the 23rd February 2009. All reviews for entry to win the Stuben / heli-skiing prize must be submitted by the 22nd February 2009.The prize draw for the additional 2nd,3rd and 4th category prizes will take place on the 20th march 2009. All reviews for entry to win the prizes (excluding the Stuben / heli-skiing prize) must be submitted by the 19th March 2009.
5) Jagged Horizons Ltd will not accept responsibility for loss of entries through technical fault, transmission delays or incomplete, illegible or other damaged contact data. Proof of entry is in no way proof of receipt. Only the winner will be contacted personally. It is incumbent upon the prize draw entrant to ensure that they provide a valid email address. Jagged Horizons Ltd. will select winners at random and will notify them on the date of the draw in the event that they have won. The winners are required to contact Jagged Horizons Ltd to confirm acceptance of their prize within 7 days of notification. In the event of non-acceptance within the specified period, or if the person is not contactable Jagged Horizons Ltd reserves the right to reallocate the prize awarded to the next randomly drawn valid entry or to forfeit the prize. Jagged Horizons Ltd. will issue notification by electronic mail from 2 separate accounts in order to reduce the possibility of non-delivery. Jagged Horizons Ltd. expressly indicates that it is in no way responsible for the validity, functioning or monitoring of personal email accounts and whilst Jagged Horizons Ltd. will endeavour to contact the winner via electronic mail, it will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for the non-delivery or receipt of notifications to prize winners.
6) The prize draw is open to UK, Republic of Ireland, and European Union residents, over the age of 16 years old, excluding Jagged Horizons Ltd employees, their families, their agents and anyone professionally involved with the promotion.
7) Prizes are non-transferable and do not carry a cash alternative.
8) It is a condition of entry that the terms and conditions of the prize draw are accepted as final and that entrants agree to abide by the rules. No correspondence will be entered into.
9) In the event of unforeseen circumstances Jagged Horizons Ltd reserves the right to offer alternative prizes of commensurate or greater value.
10) All prize winners agree to participate in all required publicity.
11) By entering this promotion entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
12) All information set out on any advertising or promotional material relating to this promotion form part of the terms and conditions although, in the event of conflict, these terms and conditions shall prevail over all such other information.
13) Jagged Horizons Ltd reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and/or rules for clarification purposes without materially affecting the terms and conditions of the free prize draw.
14) We will not pass on your personal details to any other organisation without your permission except for the purposes of running the free prize draw you have entered. Jagged Horizons Ltd. may collect personal information that may be required for the purpose of exercising its rights of publicity in relation to major prize winners, and in administering this promotion. This may include contacting participants during the promotion via calls or emails regarding this promotion.
15) Jagged Horizons Ltd. reserves the right to at any time and without prior notice or approval modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this prize draw competition due to reasons that are beyond its control.
16) Jagged Horizons Ltd. reserves the right to offer additional incentives to submit reviews in conjunction with the prizes listed in section 3) in certain cases.
17) English law applies.
Promoter: Jagged Horizons Ltd., Colne House, 19 Guithavon Street, Witham, Essex, UK

Reviews, ratings and user opinions
Provided user generated content in the from of review submissions is not illegal, distasteful, obscene, abusive, an infringement of intellectual property rights, politically motivated, commercially driven, any from of a ‘spam’ or unsolicited message, then the submitted content will be reviewed with the possibility of inclusion on Jagged Horizons Ltd. owned websites. False email addresses, the use of identity impersonation or efforts to mislead are prohibited. Jagged Horizons Ltd. reserves the right to approve and disapprove any submitted content without warning or explanation. The individual, by submitting content in the form of reviews agrees to grant Jagged Horizons Ltd. a non-exclusive and royalty free consent to alter, edit, publish and distribute through any media owned by Jagged Horizons Ltd and furthermore to associate your submitted name with the content submitted through the review form. You, the user agrees that the rights that are agreed to above are binding for the duration of the intellectual property rights associated with the review(s) that you submitted. You agree to be identified as the creator of the review and accept that comments on your reviews by other users may be negative. By submitting the review / comment, you acknowledge that the content that you are supplying is your own and free of copyright infringements, that the comments are based on reasonable fact and do not breach any Jagged Horizons Ltd. policies or regulations, that the comments are not likely to cause injury, injury to feelings or otherwise negative outcomes and that the content is not derogatory or inflammatory. The user agrees to indemnify Jagged Horizons Ltd. for all claims enacted by third parties against Jagged Horizons Ltd. as a result of any violation of the above warranties.

User generated content
The inclusion of user generated content is for the purpose of providing an alternative or complementary view on a product, location or service to that added by Jagged Horizons Ltd, the authors of this site. Jagged Horizons Ltd expressly indicates that inclusion of user generated content has no bearing on the validity or acceptance of the information or opinions expressed. Jagged Horizons Ltd will do its reasonable best to ensure that user generated content is reviewed before being published with information that is corrupt morally or factually, or submissions that are likely to cause offence being excluded from the site. In the event that a user finds reason to lodge a complaint against the content hosted on the site, then Jagged Horizons Ltd would encourage the site visitor to contact them via one of the online forms and Jagged Horizons Ltd will investigate the complaint.

External links
Hypertext links take a site user out of a Jagged Horizons Ltd owned website. Jagged Horizons Ltd accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury to feelings that result from the user accessing and experiencing the websites that are linked from this site. These links are supplied for reference only and Jagged Horizons Ltd in no way endorses the content (which is subject to continual change).

Purchase of tourism products / services
Any contract made with a tourism service provider that is featured on this site is exclusive to that service provider and the customer; Jagged Horizons Ltd in no way validates or guarantees the delivery of a tourism service and is in no way responsible for any contract that is entered into. Jagged Horizons Ltd makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information relating to a tourism service provider that is hosted on this site and expressly disclaims any responsibility for the information relating to a tourism service provider and any adverse outcomes that the use of this information might cause. In the event that the customer breaks the contract with the tourism service provider, again Jagged Horizons Ltd is in no way responsible for the financial, material or personal consequences that arise from that breach. Jagged Horizons Ltd expressly accepts no responsibility for any material or financial loss or any injury to feelings caused by a contract between a tourism product or service provider that has been featured on this site.

In the event of the user violating the law against a third party or breaching the terms and conditions mentioned in this document, the user agrees to indemnify Jagged Horizons Ltd staff and contractors against all financial penalties brought by a third party.

Accommodation Finder Service
The accommodation service finder is one that is offered by Jagged Horizons Ltd in order to facilitate a customer’s accommodation search in a specific destination. The information supplied by Jagged Horizons Ltd should be seen as information and should in no way be seen as a recommendation or reference as to the accommodation product that is offered. Jagged Horizons Ltd expressly disclaims all liability including but not limited to any financial or material loss or injury to feelings that the provision of information relating to certain accommodation suppliers might cause. All contracts entered into are exclusively between the accommodation supplier and the customer and a breach of contract by either aforementioned party will not in any way involve Jagged Horizons Ltd in dispute resolution or associated claims. Jagged Horizons Ltd will not charge the customer for this service but it is incumbent upon the customer to check the contract that they might enter into with the accommodation supplier (as a result of an accommodation search carried out by Jagged Horizons Ltd), since the contract that will be entered into will exclusively involve the two aforementioned parties and specifically exclude Jagged Horizons Ltd. Should accommodation be recommended and availability indicated, then this information is correct at the time of notification and is subject to the reliability of the information supplied to Jagged Horizons Ltd. Jagged Horizons Ltd expressly makes no assurance that this accommodation is guaranteed and until the time that the customer and the accommodation supplier enter into a contract, then a notification of accommodation availability and the nature of that accommodation by Jagged Horizons Ltd should under no circumstances be perceived as a contract for the accommodation between Jagged Horizons Ltd and the customer. Details of the accommodation included in any correspondence between Jagged Horizons Ltd and the customer are correct to the extent that the information supplied by Jagged Horizons Ltd fairly represents the accommodation product or service and Jagged Horizons Ltd expressly disclaims any responsibility for adverse outcomes that arise from the supply of this information. A customer should always check with the accommodation directly, issues including but not limited to location, price, facilities and duration of stay before they enter into the contract; any contract exists solely between the customer and the accommodation supplier. Any correspondence between Jagged Horizons Ltd and the customer in no circumstance acts as a contract for an accommodation service or product and should never be seen as one; the only binding contract is entered into between the accommodation supplier and the customer, the consequences of which is exclusive to the two parties.

Jagged Horizons Ltd reserves the right to change at any time the terms and conditions which govern the authorised use of this website. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the user of the site hereby consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in all matters of dispute in relation to and arising from the use of this website. All users of this website, for any purpose, are unauthorised in the event that they do not accept these terms and conditions in their entirety.

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